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Dr Leonard P Annectens

Contact details

Phone: +44 (0)117 331 5078
Email: P.annectens (at)
Room: G33.5
Postal Address:
Dept. of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol
Wills Memorial Building
Queen's Road
United Kingdom


Departmental lungfish

Departmental responsibilities

Entertaining visitors; educating research students; being a "living fossil"; hiding behind a rock, and generally keeping an eye on things.

Research Interests

Observing human behaviour from an aquatic environment. Elucidating the evolutionary relationship of dipnoans and tetrapods


Hone. D.W.E, and Annectens, L.P. 2008. Macrorevolutionary trends in the Lungfish: Dope's rule. Journal of Revolutionary Biology, 245, 587-595

Knorr, W., Prentice, I.C., House J.I., and Annectens, L.P 2007. Long-term sensitivity of lungfish to warming. Nurture, 933, 298-301.

Annectens, L.P, Elliott, TR, Hawkesworth, CJ & Norman, MD. 2007. Tungsten isotope evidence that lungfish contain no contribution from the Earth's core. Nurture, 427, 234-237.

Annectens, L.P., and Benton, M.J. 2006. Living fossils. Journal of Vertebrate Palaeobolony 20, 77-108

Mader, H. and Annectens, L.P. 2006. On the development of highly viscous skins of liquid around bubbles, when sneezing under water. Earth and Sanitary Appliance Letters 93, 47-56.

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